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Hello! They call me Wally. I like to think that I rule the roost here. I love attention from everyone! Cuddling is my favorite. 


Hi! My name is Cookie! I enjoy lounging around the house, playing around, and being pet and snuggled.

Current Queen

Hey there! Rosie here. I love exploring. You can usually find me wondering around the house looking anyone whose available to love on me. 

Future Queen

"Wally" Omili Stars Walensia

"Cook" Oreo Cookie

"Rose" Rosie Sparkles

About Us


Hi! My name is Jenna, and I live in the quaint little town of Vincennes located in Southern Indiana. I am a mother to 4 wonderful cat-loving children. We have recently made it our family project raising these amazing hypo-allergenic kitties. We personally love Siberians for many reasons, but the main ones being their personality and majestic beauty. I am also self-employed, owning and working in my full service Salon named Luxe. As well as a full-time LuLaRoe consultant. 

Jenna Baltzell

Small Hobby Breeder located in Southern Indiana.


812 . 890 . 5522 

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